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Scholarships are monies that do not have to be repaid and can be given for many reasons: community service, grades, artistic talent, writing an essay and athletic ability just to name a few.

National and local scholarships are typically geared towards high school seniors continuing on to a post-secondary institution after graduation. However, adult students should still look for scholarships to fund their post-secondary endeavors.

National scholarships can be harder for a student to obtain since students from all fifty states can apply. It is recommended that students focus more on local scholarships because they have a better chance of receiving one.  Students applying to a national scholarship should make sure the scholarship is reputable and not a scam.

High school students should look for local scholarships throughout their senior year. In regards to local scholarships, the vast majority of them become available between January and April each year. The best place to find information regarding local scholarships is at the student’s high school guidance office, or for students in Lake and Geauga county schools, at LEAF’s Scholarship Database.

Meet Our Scholarship Recipients

Our scholarship recipients have gone on to do some great things that our community can be proud of. Here’s a snapshot of where they are today.

Brittnany Rayburn High School Photo

Brittany Rayburn
Willoughby South High School, Class of 2003
Glen Caroff Scholarship Recipient

“The Glen Caroff Scholarship helped support my transition from high school into higher education. The education I received at Willoughby South provided me with a solid  foundation and the extra support of the scholarship made me feel proud and confident in the first steps along my journey into higher education.”

Brittany Raburn M.D.
Kyle Cassidy in 2011

Kyle Cassidy
Riverside High School, Class of 2011
Lubrizol Corporation Scholarship Recipient

“I am truly grateful for having the LEAF program in my life, and I couldn’t imagine where I would be today without the continued assistance of the LEAF team who has gone over and above to ensure my success as an individual. I am the son of two heavy drug users and hadn’t seen anyone in my family go to college; so, college wasn’t something I thought I could accomplish until I found LEAF. They helped me continue my education to John Carroll University and now to a professional career in business.”

Kyle Cassidy 2016
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